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HCA Registration # 0000918

Home Care Services

Provide quality home care services to individuals in need of our assistance. Our population includes but not limited to the elderly population, patients recovering from surgery illness or accident, Alzheimer's and Dementia, those suffering from chronic illness, adults with behavioral health and substance abuse needs.  

Our services include Companion care, assistance with feeding, bathing, Respite care, Coordination of transportation & Appointments and so much more!  We are uniquely qualified to assess the appropriate care needs for each individual during the intake process.   We are a team of highly experienced individuals trained and knowledgeable in providing the highest quality home care.  We understand and respect your rights to privacy and will honor your space as well as your possessions in your environment.  Our staff undergo a complete independent background check prior to hiring, are bonded and insured as well.


We provide education and training to healthcare staff for CPR certification, nursing skills refresher, New Hire Orientation &Training, as well as Mandatory Regulatory/OJT.  We offer on-site training upon request or in our local Windsor office.  Our core team are a group of highly trained professions including an ER doctor/nurses, nursing instructors from local college and technical nursing schools.  

KSY Home offers ongoing education and training in such areas as Fire Safety, Abuse, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Pain Management, Psychiatric illnesses, Infection Control, HIPAA, Sexual Harassment and all of the regulatory training needs of the healthcare environment.  Our services offers the ability to combine local policies and procedures that are unique to any organization.HOMECARE SERVICES

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HCA Registration # 0000918

We are a family owned company established in 2008 to provide services to our surrounding community. Our focus was energized in 2014 by numerous life experiences caring for family member and those in need.  We now have a better understanding of what caring for a loved means to the individual, family as well as the community.  Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming for families sometimes, so we have dedicated our business to assist those in need.  We have made a commitment to provide you with the services needed to relieve those stressors and enable families to enjoy their time together.  

Our goal is to enhance and enrich the lives of people from all walks of life especially during hard times.  Our commitment to each individual who crosses our path and request our services is to maintain health and peace.  In addition to home care we provide temporary staffing to facilities and private companies.  Added to the company’s agenda is providing education and training to healthcare providers based on Evidence-based practice.  Key members of our core team are trained as CPR instructors as an added bonus to our staff and clientele.  We are committed to being simply the best in the industry at what we do, and are poised to provide the necessary services to meet the challenges.

Values & Beliefs

We value your right to choose your care.  We appreciate your right to have care on your own terms in your own environment.  We value our customers’ time, life and home and will honor their values as well.  Our company operates in a community we consider home and are part of a community where we believe each individuals’ life should be filled with peace, health and a positive outlook on life.  Our company will strive to fulfill our values and beliefs.



KSY Home is committed to helping our seniors, disabled and those with health related concerns such as those with chronic illnesses or recovering from hospitalizations, stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible while exceeding our client’s expectations. We will treat each of our clients with honesty, integrity, reliability, respect and consistency while honoring their privacy, dignity, property and family customs.  

We accomplish this by employing only first-rate staff members who embrace the values of KSY Home. Every staff member will show their joy of providing excellent care by maintaining KSY Home’s high level of ethics and integrity, and give their very best in everything they do, day after day.

We provide excellent services with a team of ordinary people doing ordinary things for extraordinary people.  Our mission is to provide every individual with the highest quality care while maintaining their inherent right to dignity and respect.  We cherish the lives of those entrusted in our care.  It is our expectation is that our clients receive the highest standard of care and customer service during every encounter.  Our overall mission is to offer what we have to those who cross our path and provide the best we have to give.