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Our team of homemakers are here to provide any support our clients might need.  Whether it is hands on or emotional care our staff are there.  Our team will work closely with both the client and their family to deliver a personalized care plan for them.  Our focus is to maintain our clients independence and well being.  Our homemakers are here to alleviate any pressures and concerns by our clients.  They are there to help and make sure all needs are met and exceeded. 

Our companion care services include comprehensive, around-the-clock support for anyone – of any age – who needs it. Whether it’s providing home support by helping with laundry, light housekeeping and meal planning and cooking, our caregivers are willing to give more of themselves to their work. KSY HOME professionals can also provide outside support, like helping with shopping and errands, adult and senior transportation to and from doctor appointments and social events in addition to providing travel companionship and more. We strive each and every day to get to know our clients to plan activities that will be both stimulating and enjoyable.

Hourly Care (8-hour, 12-hour or “Around-the-Clock” 24-Hour Care)

KSY Home Care offers full time care each day, from 8 hours a day to “Around- the-Clock” 24 hour care.  This type of care typically is scheduled in 8 to 12 hour shifts and often requires 5 to 10 different Personal Assistants. 

This type of care is billed at an hourly rate because Caregivers are awake and alert the full 24 hours. These services are most often for clients who require more assistance such as someone dealing with severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, is bed ridden, or gets up frequently during the night and requires assistance to do so.

Overnight Care 

Overnight care provides the opportunity for the primary caregiver to take a break and get a good nights rest.  A Caregiver will be at your home for 8 to 12 hours throughout the night to ensure that bathroom visits, sleep walking, wandering or other activity that should be supervised to ensure health & safety.  

Peace of mind is what the primary caregiver gets, knowing the care is covered while they get a solid, and often badly needed, good nights sleep. Typically the Caregiver will read a book, watch television quietly, or some kind of quiet hobby (i/e: quilt, laptop computer, etc), readily available as soon as any activity is seen or heard.  This service is basically “Senior Sitting” where the activities are often minimal and/or limited to how often the individual wakes each night and what the needs are when awake.